Do you have what it takes


Sign up at the Junior Engineer booth near the Trainfest Office for the Trainfest Junior Engineer Program to learn how railroads operate and how to run the trains.

How to participate in the Junior Engineer certificate program

To enter the Trainfest Junior Engineer certificate program, sign up at the Junior Engineer booth near the Trainfest Office. Once you have completed your “Trainfest Junior Engineer Operations Test Card,” return to the WISE Layout for your Junior Engineer certification.

Participants can earn a “Trainfest Junior Engineer Certificate of Achievement” and a Trainfest Junior Engineer Membership Card. The membership card entitles the Junior Engineer to discounts for model railroad merchandise at participating area hobby shops listed on the back of the membership card. 

Are you already a level 1 Junior Engineer?

Four separate levels with specific tasks have been designed to provide a well-rounded introductory understanding of railroading.

Junior Engineer Level 1 Overview

To accomplish Level I, the participant, at least 5 years old, needs to accomplish at least 4 of the 7 tasks listed below to receive their Junior Engineer Certificate:

  • Operate a Train on at least three different model railroads at Trainfest.
  • Learn what three different whistle signals mean and what turning on the bell means.
  • Pick-up and set-out freight cars on at least one layout.
  • Identify what the three color signals mean, by which an engineer operates his train.
  • Identify and find three of these five types of railroad locomotives: Steam, Diesel, Traction, Turbine, Gas-Electric.
  • Operate at least two different locomotive types.
  • Find and identify three of the following locomotive servicing facilities: Coaling Tower, Diesel Fuel Rack, Sand Tower, Water Tower, Diesel House, Roundhouse, Turntable.

Have you completed Jr. Engineer Level 2 or Above?

Operate a Home Layout

Trainfest and the Wisconsin Southeastern (WISE) Division of the NMRA (National Model Railroad Association), the group that makes Trainfest happen, has an exciting program strictly for Trainfest Jr Engineers who have completed level 2 or higher.

WISE members have agreed to open their layouts to any Level 2 and above Jr. Engineers (with their parents) for a special operating session, where you can see and run their trains!

Enjoy the fun of Trainfest all year long!