The Chicago & North Western

The Beginning of a Trainfest Tradition

In 2015 Trainfest began new and exciting tradition, to celebrate a different railroad each year.

In the program’s inaugural year, Trainfest celebrated the Chicago & North Western System in conjunction with the C&NW Historical Society, the Milwaukee Historical Society, and the MSOE Grohmann Museum. 

Learn about the history of the C&NW by walking through the museum quality photo display documenting the past of this railroad and the people who ran, worked, and rode the C&NW.


Interested in Learning More About The Chicago & North Western?

Visit the Chicago & North Western Historical Society Website

C&NW Original Painting

“The 400s Grace Milwaukee’s Lake Front”

Here is a brief synopsis of the scene….

On track number one under the train shed is a 3-car heavy weight local bound for Madison, Wisconsin. The Cities 400 has just arriving on track two. The clock on the tower reads 4:15 PM. Running a bit late the C&NW’s Peninsula 400 is just departing for Chicago on track number three. Outside of the train shed, on track number four, a streamlined 4-6-2 steam engine with a string of head end cars. On the outside group of yard tracks, the C&NW switcher #1001 is shuffles cars around.

The artwork highlights the Twin Cities 400 and is on display at the MSOE Grohmann Museum. Prints and cards of the artwork are available for purchase through Heritage Art Editions.

View the evolution of the painting below.