Five Football Fields of Train Fun


The Best of the Hobby All in One Place


Four Football Fields of Train Fun


The Best of the Hobby All in One Place

What makes Trainfest So Popular?


It’s the number of amazingly-detailed railroads and their uniqueness and variety. With 200,000 sq. ft. (nearly four football fields) of exhibit space featuring more than 70 highly creative scenic railroads, it’s a sight to behold. There is a constant hum of enthusiasm that travels throughout the show. The air is electric. Smiling faces are everywhere.

Veteran Trainfest exhibitors, in particular, look on newcomers with fond nostalgia as they remember how amazing the event was during their own first visit.

The imagination of a kid, or a kid-at-heart, is present in each of the layouts on exhibit. It’s amazing what modelers can do in transforming Styrofoam and plastic into beautiful countrysides. Many of our expert modelers were introduced and hooked on the experience of model trains as youngsters.

Must See Family Entertainment


This is the America’s Largest Operating Model Railroad Show! Everywhere you look, there’s something train. Spend the day being mesmerized by spectacular miniature versions of railroads, running the trains, and learning how to build them. Get a taste of why model railroading is such a popular hobby.


Make Memories


Make some time for family. Plan a daytrip to Trainfest. Every generation enjoys this event. From little Joey to Grandpa Joe, everyone is smiling at Trainfest.

November 12, 2022 9:00 am
  • Jesse from Tuttle, OK

    I always enjoy going – it’s hard not to – and having fun with the other train enthusiasts. Is this the greatest of hobbies or what?

    Jesse from Tuttle, OK

  • Sheryl from Memphis, TN

    I have loved this for years. Everyone enjoys the experience!

    Sheryl from Memphis, TN

  • Badgerland S Gaugers Club Member

    We can hear the fans yell out, ‘It’s the Polar Express; there’s the caboose; or here comes a steamer’ and we love that. They’re in awe. It’s really neat to see their faces, you know, how excited they are to see the trains!

    Badgerland S Gaugers Club Member

  • 85-Year-Old Hobbyist

    As a youngster, Dad and I would only put up trains at Christmastime, but now I’m involved all the time. Enjoying it here brings back fond memories.

    85-Year-Old Hobby Club Member

  • Chicago Mom of 3

    My kids have shown such an interest. They are amazed at all of this; it’s the action of it. They really get into it when they give them the control.

    Chicago Mom of 3

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November 11 & 12


November 9 & 10